Every year, over 20 million electronic systems become obsolete in the United States. That’s nearly 2 million tons of e-waste according to the EPA. Many of these items get discarded into landfills. Many of them don’t even make it out of the consumer’s home as they perceive them to be valuable for future use such as reselling or using them for parts at a later time. More often than not, they do not
get reused and ultimately end up in dumpsters that take them to landfills.

What many consumers don’t realize is not only can these items be reused or
resold, but once it is determined that they are too old and obsolete, the
metals and other recoverable materials can be further broken down and
recycled. As technology progresses, we play an increasingly important role
in helping to keep these items out of the landfills and other non-EPA
approved locations.

By taking them to DEP permitted recycling centers such as CP&E and KSA, we
can all be certain that we are doing our part that the cradle to the grave process
of your computer equipment is handled in the most “green” and ecological way.

Once the computer equipment is picked up or dropped off at our facility, they are brought into our warehouse and put in a staging area that prepares them for the disassembly process.
Once prepped at the staging area, the equipment is then taken and set up on benches in an assembly line format. Each computer is set and lined up for testing and data wiping.

Disassembly of the parts is then determined based on the pass/fail portion of the evaluation. The parts and machines go through our normal three-step process.
Parts that are determined unusable and designated for scrap are broken down
into metals such as aluminum, gold, steel, copper, silver, etc and sent off to be recycled and smelted.

Other categories that items are broken down into are drives, power supplies,
scrap metals, plastic, wires and cords, and circuit boards.

After everything has been separated, scrapped, and placed in their proper categories, they are shipped off to our demanufacturers for final smelting and remanufacturing of products.
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